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Your own paradise is just one step away

If you are looking for peace and quiet and a feeling of being away from it all, this really is the place to explore. With only half a dozen holiday homes in the area, all private and only occupied occasionally, you will find peace. This unique spot in de middle of Sweden, nearby Filipstad, Nordmark in Värmland is now for sale. We call it Fribo and contains more than 6 hectors of woodland with two houses on it. 

Main House

The main house is a Finish log cabin, built directly onto the rock, so it is very solid! The house has its own well and there is hot and cold water to the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and sitting room is all one room with a soapstone fireplace in the sitting area. There are three bedrooms one with a loft sleeping area and the third accessed from outside. The bathroom has a shower and composting toilet. 

Definitely, a cosy house with efficient oil filled electrical heaters. In the winter with a meter of snow outside it is a pleasure to sit within and enjoy the silence, solitude and stillness without.

Beneath the house is a cellar for storage.

Second cabin

The other cabin is much older and was moved to Fribo in the 60's. There is electricity but no running water. There is a kitchen area and a sitting area with a bed in one corner. The third room is at present a workshop and storage area, although it is easily possible to convert this into a separate bedroom and a small bathroom should you wish to bring water from the well.

Shed and other storage

There is also a medium sized shed behind the cabin which has a workbench and storage, an outside bucket composting loo and an additional part for more storage, lawn mowers etc. 

The property

The property is on 6 hectares of woodland with a part of it bordering a medium sized lake, so you have your own private access to the water.


Fribosjön Lake is one of the many pristine freshwater lakes and waterways that make Värmland the most beautiful Nature-vacationing province of Sweden.There are clear spaces around both the houses and as for the woodland, there is value in the trees. It contains pine and birch. 

The wonder of Fribo 

For my part I believe Fribo to be a rather special place... and I'm not saying that to make a sale. The energy is one of peace, quiet and a place of solitude.

I purchased the property with the idea of renting out one of the cabins for holiday rentals, which has worked to some extent but not sufficiently to make any sort of income. I have enjoyed a couple of winters here and the peacefulness was a boon to my soul. The time has come to consolidate Fribo and move on.


This very small village is right in the woods between Filipstad en Lesjoförs. It's beside the beautiful lake Fribosjön. You arrive along a single track road and realise you are the last of just a few summer houses. As you step out of the car the peace and tranquility, even the trees embrace you.


1150.000 sek / 118.000 eur

In the middle of nowhere, there is only solitude

What is solitude? A companion for all seasons. It’s a salve for wounds. It’s an echo chamber in which impressions are magnified when you are the only one witnessing them. It imposes responsibility. I am the ambassador of the human race in a forest devoid of men. I must enjoy this sight on behalf of those who are deprived of it. Solitude fosters thought since the only conversation is with one's self. It calls to mind the memory of those we love. It binds the hermit in friendship with plants and beasts and perhaps a little god just happening by.


Quote from Sylvain Tesson's  “Consolations of the Forest”

Fribotorpet 50 + 52, 680 96 Lesjöfors

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Fribotorpet between Filipstad and Lesjöfors